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Note: Designs must be purchased separately. Licenses are not eligible for discounts.

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Sell up to 100 physical end products.

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Standard Commercial Use License

Sell up to 500 physical end products.

Build your brand identity.

Promote your products or services.

Extended Commercial Use License

Sell UNLIMITED physical end products.

Build your brand identity.

Promote your products or services.


Commercial Terms of Use*

By using our designs for commercial purposes, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined below.

✓ Allowed
  • Creating physical products sold and marketed by you to an end consumer. (The number of items you are permitted to sell is determined by the license you hold.)

  • Engaging a Print-on-Demand fulfillment service (e.g. Printify, Printful, etc.) for the express purpose of printing, packaging, and shipping products on your behalf.

  • Developing promotional materials or brand assets for your business or organization. (Standard or Extended Use license holders only.)
✗  Not Allowed
  • Exceeding the allowable quantity of physical products you may sell based on your licensing agreement. (Applicable to Limited and Standard Use license holders.)

  • Using our designs as-is, or nearly as-is. You must combine our designs with other creative elements in a way that is notably different from our stand-alone design assets. Invest time, effort, and creative expression into creating a unique layout when using our designs.

  • Leveraging our design assets for mass manufacturing or wholesale. Commercial use of our graphics is only permitted for businesses selling directly to end consumers, not for business-to-business transactions.

  • Reselling, transferring, distributing, or sharing our designs in any digital format, whether modified or combined with other design elements. Our licenses grant the use of our designs exclusively for physical product sales, not digital products.

  • Transferring usage rights, sub-licensing, or granting permission for use of our design assets to a third-party entity. This includes but is not limited to Print-on-Demand marketplaces (e.g. Redbubble, Society6, Spoonflower, Amazon Merch, etc.). Our design assets can only be used by the licensee (i.e., business, organization, or individual holding the license).

  • Asserting copyright as your own or forming trademarks using our designs. Purchasing our licenses does not grant exclusive ownership of design assets. The Canine Creative LLC retains all copyrights and intellectual rights. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited.

  • Utilizing our designs in any way that could be deemed illegal, fraudulent, harmful, or offensive.

*The Canine Creative LLC reserves the right to modify, update, and change our Terms of Use at any time, with or without notice.

Commercial Use Examples

Proper use of our designs for commercial purposes requires combining our graphics with other creative elements.

Incorrect use - Original dog silhouette is used stand-alone as a repeating pattern on a mug. Correct use - Dog silhouette is incorporated with other design elements to create a unique pattern on a mug.
Incorrect use - Original dog face graphic is used stand-alone on a shirt. Correct use - Dog face graphic is used as part of a unique layout with other design elements on a shirt.


What is considered commercial use?
  • Commercial use involves using designs for financial profit, brand development, marketing, or promotion of a product or service.

  • Personal use refers to using designs for non-commercial purposes (e.g. crafting a gift for family or friend, making invitations to a party you are hosting, creating decor for your home, etc.). Using our designs for personal projects does not require an additional license.
How many users are covered under your commercial licensing agreements?

Commercial licenses are assigned to a business, organization, or individual upon purchase. Design assets can be shared among users within the licensed company or organization but not with third-party entities. For example, if you are using design assets for a client project and the client needs access to the source files, they would need to purchase a separate license.

Please note that licenses are non-transferable and are valid only for the business, organization, or individual assigned at purchase (i.e. the licensee). In the event you ever want to change the name of the licensee, a new license will need to be purchase under that name.

May I use your designs for Print-on-Demand (POD) with this license?

We permit for the use of POD fulfillment services but not POD marketplaces. Here are the distinctions between the two:

  • A POD fulfillment service (e.g., Printify, Printful, etc.) is a third-party production partner that connects to your e-commerce shop and prints, packages, and ships products on your behalf. You maintain responsibility for promoting and selling your products.

  • A POD marketplace (e.g., Redbubble, Zazzle, Spoonflower, Amazon Merch, etc.) is a platform that oversees everything from promotion and sales to fulfillment. These marketplaces require license to use the artwork and pay royalties for each sale. Transferring or sub-licensing usage rights to our graphics is not permitted under our licensing agreements.

In summary, you must maintain responsible for promoting and selling your products and are authorized to use POD fulfillment services solely for manufacturing and shipping products on your behalf.

Is there a yearly sales threshold that I must adhere to?

There is no restriction on the dollar amount of sales you can make per year while using our designs, however, the quantity of products you are permitted to sell is determined by the type of license you hold.

Need further clarification? Reach out to us through the Contact page.

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